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Oklahoma City's First 
Pay-What-You-Can Studio

Why the Dragon Community?

We teach yoga that can transform you – changing your perception of who you are and who you could be.

As our yoga practices grow stronger, we illuminate our power, learning how to use it for ourselves and for others. We celebrate each other’s successes so that every day we stand a little taller & and shine a little brighter. Our teachers are highly educated, empathetic, and excited to share the benefits of yoga with you.

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Yoga Classes OKC
Yoga Classes OKC

Yoga For Everyone

Diversity & Understanding

Accessibility & Sustainability


Based Yoga

What is a pay-what-you-can studio?

We believe that yoga is for EVERYONE, which is why every student can choose the price they pay (suggested $10-$20, but we gladly accept any amount that works for you).

You can pre-register to reserve a spot in class ($10 minimum ). But if you want to pay less, just come to the studio and let the instructor know.  We also offer FREE use of our high-quality studio mats for anyone who needs it.

No hidden fees. Just yoga. For everyone.

For yogis who practice often, we offer monthly unlimited and annual packages that are affordable and accessible

to everyone.

Monthly Unlimited
$85/auto renew 

Annual Package

How Being Mindful Changes Our Lives

Helps you sleep better

Good sleep is the foundation of physical and mental health.  Mindfulness helps us slow down our thoughts.  We can consciously achieve the stillness that leads to a restful night.

Decreases anxiety & depression

We all face small problems and big problems.  A mindful approach keeps everything in perspective, and perspective is important whether we need to take action or achieve acceptance.

Reduces stress levels 

We use mindfulness to step outside our own heads.  It's different from avoidance--in fact, it's the opposite. Yoga and meditation give us a healthy break that resets our mind.  This gives us the breathing room to calmly handle life's challenges.

Improves attention & concentration

When we are rested and calm, our minds function better than ever. We have the mental space to focus on our friends, family, work, and of course... ourselves.

Start for Free

Try our online YouTube classes.

The Dragon

Duration 47:39

This is our foundational class for getting the basics right. We recommend this class for those who have never tried yoga. This class uses precise cues that set you up for success.