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Living up to "Justice for ALL"

Hello, This is Desirae from Dragon Yoga studio in Oklahoma City. And I have something to say….

I’ve run a yoga studio for over eight years and through those years overcome lots of obstacles along the way. People have asked me time and time again to share my story, and at some point I will. But I’m not doing that today. Instead, I’m facing a few of my biggest fears: writing is one and using my voice to tell you what I really believe. I’m doing this because I’m frustrated and mad, and it’s time that I speak up even if it does nothing more than to get you to pause and think.

I’ve succeeded as a business owner and a woman, and that has earned me a voice and a platform. So I’m sharing this with the knowledge (and gratitude) that many people will read it. And--I hope--share it.

I’m writing about America.

I am writing with anger, frustration, fear, conviction, and hope. I’m writing because my rights, and yours, are being stolen by the men and women in power. And they will never see the reality that we are all created equal and should be treated as such.

Here are three things I know… and this is just a start.

One. Every human is human. That simple fact means that everyone can love who they want to and live how they want to. Gender is a product of history and culture, and carries the baggage of the past. I don’t care how you identify, who you love, how you dress, or what toilet you use. I don’t care if you change your mind about those things either. We are all human, and that is enough. Everyone should be able to follow their heart, feel safe, and feel loved.

TWO. My body is mine. That includes my uterus. The only people who can have an opinion about it are me and my doctor--if I choose to ask her. You know who isn’t allowed to have opinions about my uterus? Men who think that they speak for God. Who quote the Bible but stand with the cheaters, the pedophiles, the rapists, and the pussy-grabbers who find a welcoming home in the Republican party. You especially--keep your opinions out of my uterus.

Three. Black lives matter. That should be obvious. Why do we have to take a stand for it? Some people say, “all lives matter. ” They say it to negate the idea that black lives DO matter--and that tells you everything you need to know. No white legislator would ever trade places with a random Black American, because they know it would mean stepping into a shortened life with higher rates of poverty and disease. The system is working exactly as it was intended--by perpetuating the inequality and exploitation of slavery--but in a subtle way that’s harder to see. I’m not fooling myself. I know that a yoga studio cannot fix underfunded and decrepit schools, restricted access to loans and mortgages, low-quality healthcare, the flood of guns, or police brutality. But a yoga studio can be a place where people from all walks of life come together, get to know and love one another, and find peace of mind that carries them through the rest of their lives.

2020 and 2021 were disasters for the world and this country. Lives and business collapsed. The government failed to protect us while billionaires got even richer. My own life fell apart. But I promised myself to make it more than just a tragedy--something good has to grow out of this. The weakness of our society has perhaps never been more obvious. It is time to ask: Do we really want to just keep doing the same things as before? Do we shrug and admit that we don’t care enough to change things? Or are we ready to stand up, speak up, and build something new?

America promises liberty and justice for all. It is time to deliver. I am tired of being quiet, and I am tired of being polite. This is my voice and I am using it.

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