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Taking My Own Advice

2021 was a year of growth and change for the world, for Dragon Yoga, and for me. At times growth is painful, but nothing is as painful as remaining stuck where you don’t belong.

When Covid hit, I felt like my world was dissolving around me. I lost my home, my business, and close friends and family. Everything that defined my life was slipping away–some days I would lie in bed, cry, and wish I were somewhere else. I fell into a dark hole. As I stopped taking care of myself, I even stopped practicing yoga. I stopped believing that I could create a better future for myself, and started believing in fear, doubt, and limitation.

My life has been a journey of inspiring others to believe in the endless potential within themselves–and I was not living that myself.

There’s a voice in my head–a voice of generational trauma telling me that I am both not enough and also too much. That I do not deserve the opportunities and success that I’ve worked for. I have spent most of my life fighting this voice–determined to prove it wrong. But this year, for the first time, I let that story take over.

I have been a leader in the Oklahoma City yoga community for years. There have been times that I did not feel welcome here. Those times hurt. I am not a guru. I do feel pain and disappointment. I’m strong, but I can’t do it all alone. I need the support of a community to thrive–we ALL need the support of a community to thrive.

That’s why I love my community at Dragon Yoga so much. I have invested my time, energy, and life into this community to help people grow. In spite of the turmoil, 2021 was a huge year for Dragon Yoga. We graduated three Yoga Teacher Training programs, hosted four yoga retreats, and I found my voice took a stand about things that matter to me in my last blog post. I’m proud that this studio is more than a business: it’s a community that supports each other and tries to make the world a better place.

This year, Dragon Yoga supported me too. And so did the Oklahoma City community. When I was at my lowest point, I couldn’t believe in myself. But other business owners and the community at large showed up to remind me of who I am and what I can do. I am deeply grateful to you.

For my whole career, I have been leading by example as I teach. I know that I have to walk the walk in order for my students and my community to grow into all that they are. I love my community in Oklahoma. I also love traveling. So in the last years I’ve led retreats and workshops across the country and world to bring my OKC kula with me. I have loved it. Each of those retreats was a step toward the next phase of my life.

But I have reached the point where a step forward is not enough. It’s time for a leap.

The only question is, am I brave enough to take this leap? Honestly, it depends on the day…

With both sadness and excitement, I am ready to tell you that 2022 will be my last year living in Oklahoma City full time. Starting in 2023, I am moving to Costa Rica to found a yoga retreat center.

Before I move, Dragon Yoga will host three retreats: Fort Collins CO in April, Costa Rica in June, and Taos NM in August. I’ll lead a 300-hour yoga teaching training program in April, and a 200-hour program in September. Dragon Yoga will flourish and grow, and we’ll stand up for what we believe. Although I’ll be stepping away from being the full time leader of the studio, I will always return to lead workshops and trainings. Dragon Yoga is a candle that burns bright in a dark world, and I promise that I’ll keep adding to the flame after I move. Dragon Yoga is still my kula.

The retreat center in Costa Rica is a dream come true. I realized that I could not, in integrity, continue to encourage others to pursue their dreams if I didn’t pursue my own. I had to get the fuck out of my own way and fly. I owe a lot of this to all of you. You reminded me that I deserve my dreams, too. So I thank you with my entire heart.

The Evalene, Las Delicias, Costa Rica, 2023

Family has often been difficult for me–that’s one of the reasons why our Dragon family is so precious. When I think of the generational trauma in my life, I’m drawn to the memory of my grandmother Evalene. She passed away when I was only two, but we share a lot. We fought similar battles: for our physical health, our emotional safety, and our family patterns.. I want to honor her and fulfill our potential by healing generational traumas. With Evalene in my heart, I will break the chains that bind us to the patterns that held us back, and I will change the future for every female in my life. Starting with ME!

That’s why I can’t wait to share with you this new story, as I build and grow

True self-discovery begins where your comfort zone ends. - Adam Braun

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