The Dragon Team

Our instructors seek the good in all things, especially within themselves and their students. We build and empower each student’s self-esteem, and we encourage laughter and playfulness. 


Desirae Penton

Founder, Lead Yoga Instructor

Desirae’s yoga journey began when her career as a young athlete led to a series of sports injuries and a shoulder surgery in 1997. At first, she used yoga to prevent future injuries, but quickly fell in love with the practice as it transformed into a life-long journey of mental, physical, and spiritual self-awareness. Becoming a certified yoga instructor was just another part of her journey as Desirae shares her love of yoga with others.

500 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification, Sunstone
200 Hour with Jason Lobo


Makynzie Morris

Senior Yoga Instructor

Mak began practicing yoga 10 years ago. At first, she was simply looking to complement her athletic activities-- to tone without building bulk. But after a few years, she realized that she had gained far more than a mere workout. During the many challenges that she faced during this time, yoga became her saving grace. As a teacher, Mak’s goal is to build a safe place to “just be,” whatever that looks like for whoever needs it. Mak enjoys building each class spontaneously by asking each student what they need today
500-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training 


Adam Meringolo

Senior Yoga Instructor

Adam is dedicated to the nuance of yoga asana (physical practice) and the simple philosophical question, "Are your actions safe and in line with your intended results?"

Now in Oklahoma City by way of San Francisco and Austin, Texas, Adam is originally from Connecticut. He has completed over 1,000 hours of training and taught more than 4,000 classes. He is grateful for the guidance of his teachers, Annie Carpenter and Shanti Kelley.


Adam’s classes are an exciting opportunity to explore the subtleties of yoga asana. Get ready for something unexpected that just might change how you practice yoga.

Stacey Allen 2.jpg

Stacey Allen

Yoga Instructor

A dancer in college, a five-day-a-week runner, and mother of three daughters, Stacey got into yoga in early 2006 to alleviate knee pain and find her flexibility again. After that first class in a little bitty studio in Oklahoma City with Tiffany Porte, Stacey discovered her love of the yoga practice. In 2015, she completed her teacher training to become a certified RYT 200-hour teacher. She loves Oklahoma City’s yoga community. Stacey leads her students through vinyasa flows and breath with a smile, and she motivates them with inspirational mantras. She knows that yoga goes beyond the mat: it helps us with whatever life throws at us. But don’t let her smile fool you--this Mama knows how to challenge the body with unique movement, fun flows, and expert cues & adjustments.


Bethany White

Yoga Instructor

Bethany’s body and mind needed yoga long before she became conscious of it. She knew that she had to clear her head and become comfortable in her own skin, but lacked the tools to get there on her own. From the moment she stepped into the studio, she knew that something important awaited her. This place where she laid down her mat became a home, too. At Dragon, Beth has seen—and experienced for herself—many “firsts,” both for teachers and students. She loves that people here can be both teachers and students, never losing the best parts of each. Beth is honored to hold space for her students so they can come as they are. She knows that the hardest part is often simply finding the strength to show up. If we can choose ourselves, magic will follow.
200-hour certification at Dragon Yoga


Amy Morris

Senior Yoga Instructor

Having spent years as a massage therapist and professional dancer, Amy found an immediate connection to the physical aspects of asana, but was surprised to discover the mental and spiritual peace she had been seeking as well.  Amy’s passion to share this unity of mind, body, and spirit brought her to Dragon’s teacher training program.  She is honored to teach and practice with her kula.

ERYT 200 – Yoga Alliance – Dragon Yoga YTT


Zachary Biegun

Senior Yoga Instructor

For Zach, the most valuable part of yoga practice is its potential to heal. He was initially drawn to his mat to cope with physical pain, but then began to learn how deeply our minds and bodies are intertwined.  Zach’s curiosity about how to work with the mind/body connection continues to drive his education—he is an instructor, but will always be a student too.  As a Faculty Teacher for The Centre for Spatial Medicine, Zach’s goal is to inspire students with a love of mindful movement and the awareness that there’s no finish line: we can always go deeper in our understanding of the body, the mind, and their relationship to the human experience.  The work of yoga goes beyond our time in class. It’s also the process of integrating what we learn into our lives.  


Rositsa Slavova

Senior Yoga Instructor

Rosi was born in Bulgaria, but her free spirit and sense of adventure brought her to her new home in Oklahoma. She started practicing yoga in 2015 to deal with overwhelming emotions and a busy mind. She discovered that the physical practice of yoga grounds us into our body, teaching us to listen to it. Yoga also open our hearts even when life challenges us. It is this simultaneous opening and grounding that she hopes to inspire in her students. With this power, we can connect with our own bodies, develop a relationship of listening, communicating, patience and honor. This gives us the grace to meet our bodies where they are, circulate energy through movement. Ultimately, we can experience ease and flow in our emotions, thoughts, and creativity. Rosi is 200-hour certified through Dragon Yoga’s YTT program.


Phillip Grundy

Senior Yoga Instructor 

Phillips path to becoming a yoga teacher is directly linked to learning to heal his own body, from several severe injuries and nerve damage,  after working in the medical field for many years, he decided the best way to share his knowledge and experience with the body and mind would be to work with people directly, Having more than 30 years experience with meditation,  yoga was the obvious choice, after falling in love with the practice he got certified from YogaAlign in Kauai and has been teaching for 9 years now. Phillip loves to make playful flow classes with unique transitions, while keeping your body safe, and your mind connected and present.


Sabrina Lecinski

Senior Yoga Instructor 

Sabrina has been practicing yoga and incorporating it into to her life since 2017. Her yoga certifications include 500-hour YTT with Desirae Penton, 20-hour Y12SR with Nikki Meyers, 20-hour Veterans Yoga. Sabrina will start yoga therapy school in March 2022. Her ability to offer many different options, from modifications to more advanced possibilities, makes her well suited to lead students of all yoga levels. Sabrina teaches a wide range of classes including: restorative, 12-step yoga, all-levels flow, alignment, advanced, beginners, and (very soon) Veterans Yoga for PTSD. When she is not teaching yoga, she’ss usually painting furniture for her furniture business, Sabby Chic, or spending time with her husband and their 3 dogs.


Breanna Cobbs

Yoga Instructor

Bre came to yoga looking for a new lease on her health, but she gained far more than that. Bre is eager to implement the teachings of yoga into her life, and she’s excited to immerse herself even more into the philosophy and spirit of yoga practice. Dragon Yoga has become a place to experience the benefits of yoga, both by teaching her friends and by learning from them. 
200-hour YTT certification at Dragon Yoga


David Lapidus

Yoga Instructor

After practicing at Dragon for five years, David graduated Dragon’s 300-hour YTT program and became a teacher in 2021. Though he stumbled into yoga by accident, it became a passion, and he’s excited to share it with his students. David learned that yoga functions through the “mind-body connection.” How exactly does that work?  Who knows.  But if we trust the process, we can grow in ways we never expected.  When David isn’t teaching, he’s probably baking cookies or obsessing over classic cars. Most of all, he’s proud to be part of our strong and diverse kula.


Tenisha McDonald

Yoga Instructor

Tenisha’s first yoga experience was at one of Dragon’s fundraiser classes. She hoped for physical benefits and better fitness. As her body became stronger and healthier, she learned that her yoga mat was a place to find contentment, self-awareness and a mind-body connection.  As an instructor, Tenisha knows that yoga is not a "one size fits all" practice, and that every person is on a different path.  She offers her students the chance to take that path in their own way and at their own pace, to modify when needed and to honor how they feel at all times. Tenisha finds joy, satisfaction and inspiration in seeing students discover their own personal yoga journey and hopes to nurture and encourage them along the way.  Always a student! 


Claire Engelman

Pilates Instructor

Claire shares her light and compassion with all of her students, empowering them to be the most unique, best versions of themselves. She is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, well versed in a variety of modalities such as Pilates, yoga, group fitness, and dance.  Claire has 25 years of experience in the dance world with a BFA from OU in ballet pedagogy and is in her 5th season as a professional dancer/aerialist with Perpetual Motion Dance. Her students leave her classes feeling uplifted, challenged, and motivated to take on the day with strength, peace, and joy.


Jen Bodin

Pilates Instructor 

With a passion for fitness and helping others, Jen provides uplifting, challenging, sweaty classes. She fell in love with mat Pilates fifteen years ago and hasn’t looked back since! Jen is certified in Pilates and HIIT and is also a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM. Her goal is to help others thrive. Her positive energy, motivation, and love will leave you feeling strong, sweaty and empowered!